You can earn money as a trading purpose but you need to have the principle of earn the right halal. To hurt a lot is not only a commercial ethic but a religion that is not compatible. Pak profile and hardware as an organization of solid trade, reliable personality, solid stance workers to be a friend to his brother to go for a healthy business purpose. There will be no risk without growth without risk, but by ignoring the experiences of the past, risking to enter into growth causes the decline to be based on the eye. This is the starting point of this connection, starting with our commercial purpose of the policy of winning the halal growth will be in the area of ​​haram growth, we certainly do not want growth. Moral to trade places in Turkey, to set an example with moral stance, we want to grow with the level of trade. Let's summarize our vision with the word of Abdurrahman El Evzai (r.a) ’’ Your property ends in halal, and its haram is in it. But this is why the win and sin remain. ’‘